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Small introduction !!!!

Welcome OwO !!!!

Welcome everyone to my personal website UwU, it’s pretty simple and minimalist so forgive me pwease if it breaks your eyes.

Who the fuck am I ?

My name is Crystal , I’m 16 years old ( my bday is in the 9th of december :D ) and i’m from Algeria, I speak 4 languages (French English Arabic and Tamazight) . Linux and foss enthusiast , one of my dreams is living abroad and joining the FSFondation and work in IT !!!

Ok but what is this website ?

Good question , this website made entirely in org mode (doom emacs gang) and my simple css config file is mainly a rant website , a personal diary, some blog posts about things i discover , and my opinions and projects i work in . So expect to not fully agree with my POV ,and it’s fine, cuz we love you because of our differences !! :3 Also this website is under the WTFPL license amazing amirit ?

Great how can i contact you though ?

If you wanna drive by and say hello, feel free to DM me on discord Crystal Methamphetamine(she/her)#7407!! Oh also don’t forget to check my github profile here :

License( TL;DR: you are free to reuse any part of my code idgaf im just trying doom emacs thingies )


Copyright (C) 2004 Sam Hocevar <>

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long as the name is changed.




Orchid Linux 06|04|2022

Guess who contributed to yet an other Linux distro ? Its ya girl Archenage . So the distro i helped translate to English is a special one named after a lovely flower “Orchid Linux” which is a French Gentoo distro , made to be easy to install and to use You can check it out here . Lovely distro , lovely people , 10/10 would recommend :3

BIG UPDATE 03/|04|2022

Today this website got a B I G upgrade in terms of style, now instead of having a static theme that never changes, this website colors change according to the colors of my setup..which are applied randomly from a number of wallpapers and extract colors from them, how awesome , right ? :D all this in pure css with bash magic and pywal (man i love this software)

Kirby Return to DreamLand 02|04|2022

Hewwo everyone !!!! Yesterday i played a game that is just , pure wholesomeness on an iso file..Kirby return to do dreamland. Take a look at this


(is this just an excuse to try out images on emacs ? nooo absolutly not)

Small shout-out to some lovely n sweet people

Directly from the oven of the CTF Team Named FlagPoisoning comes the tool named Discord-CTFD-Parser which is a “CTF-D parser who create automatically multiple discord threads by scraping ctfd plateform, collecting name, category, description and points of challenges.” Check out their twitter account or Their github repo

End of Exams, DWM scripts update and life updates (and more :D) 27|03|2022

So it has been over a week since i wrote to this website that no one reads anyways . But i finally finished my exams🎉 whouhouuuu only one year for the bacalorea exam . I mostly did well , fucked up in maths, but hey , better than nothing :D. Also while i was not present, i took my time to revamp my dwm build (which needs a couple of pushes to my repo) and enhanced my theme picker to make it a bit nicer, with a random option and a notification ..Who doesn’t love some randomness in their life. As for life , well… Im finally on a date with someone IRL, a cute guy named Luke , it means the world to me to have him with me so i wanted to share my joy with this org document. Anyways thats all , have a nice day , night or launch , see y’all

Earthquake 19|03|2022

As the title says, today an earthquake stroke the coast of Bejaia , named Cap Carbon , with a magnitude of 6.0 . And surprisingly no bouncing quakes….weird , what is weirder is that, last year , and exactly this day (well the day before, but still) a , identical quake stroke in the Same spot with the same magnitude, only difference is that the first was at night, and today was at 11AM. Im safe, everyone is safe and no cracks in buildings appart from the University Campus appeared.

First impression with an android 12 rom (phone) 09|03|2022

First of all ,sorry for being absent, life is kinda keeping me busy. ANYWAYS happy womens day to start with !! Sooo Android 12 , after fixing my Redmi 9A, i went for the first time with a custom rom “Nusantara ROM” which uses the Android 12 version . And my first impression is: WAW. A12 is indeed a step up from Miui Android 10 . Everything goes well with eachother, a lot of privacy settings, hell i didnt even have to debloat my phone cuz it didnt have bloatware. The theming engine really reminds me of pywal on linux, but on steroides .

One small problem i had was the fact the file manager doesnt let you choose the root of your sd card as a location for some apps, other than that, 10/10 would recommend

I fucking hate Xiaomi and Mediatek 24|02|2022

So yesterday , the worse thing that could happen to me , happened . While i was trying to install a custom rom on my phone (Redmi 9A) which got recommended to me by an indian guy saying “oh yeah oh yeah it works on Redmi 9A” well guess what .__. it doesn’t , now my phone is bootlooping, and i have 0 internet to download the ROM (4gb of size 😭) hell , i don’t even know when this website will get commited , but one thing for sure: Fuck Mediatek , and fuck me for believing random indians on youtube .__.

Quick Patch Note 18|02|2022

It appeared that the website fonts didn’t load for people without JetBrains Mono font installed and so the website looked broken-ish ! Thank you Marie for letting me know <3 , Now everything should be fixed…i hope , otherwise just install that font ,pretty cool one i might add :D !

HP , the keyboard, and what the fuck happened 17|02|2022

I fucking hate this , my keyboard randomly stopped reading input from some keys , which are : aqwedcrfvtgb1345 . Well guess i will have to buy a new keyboard for my HP ELITEBOOK 840 G2 (yeah pretty old laptop) , it might not be that bad, since i lost the trackpoint ,and it will be a great opportunity to replace it.

Today I learned the sysrq key on my keyboard did a thing!! 16|02|2022

I was really surprised when i found out that using ALT+SYSRQ(the print key)+ r k , will kill all programs EXCEPT the init on the current console. Or ALT+SYSRQ+r e i s u o(or b for reboot) to shutdown your pc, really cool

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Created: 2022-04-17 Sun 23:19